The Florian Helier story

Florian Helier creates limited edition luxury lifestyle products. In most products from the collection, Florian Helier uses a combination of very different materials to create ordinary everyday items in extraordinary quality. The creations are characterized by their simplicity, everyday usability and outstanding quality.


Every product series is produced in a limited edition, ensuring uniqueness for the eventual buyer and owner of the product. Having the world’s most fabulous materials at our disposal gives our design atelier a unique opportunity to create extraordinary products. Beyond the whims of fashion, the designs from Florian Helier are known for their deceptive simplicity and their perfect balance and proportion.


Example products include real golden staples to seal your golden contract, a real sterling silver set of playing cards to impress your friends during a play of poker and a box of Florian Helier matches to light your fire in style. These products can be found in the Florian Helier Online Shop or in one of our global shops near you.

I want to create high quality products that clients can use everyday.

I will not compromise on the quality of the material that I use to create these products.

Florian Helier